What is MSC?

MSC stands for Marine Stewardship Council, founded in 1997. MSC recognizes and rewards efforts to protect the oceans and secure fish stocks for the future.

Within this platform, various criteria have been drawn up for sustainable fish products. Criteria that guarantee good care for people, animals and the environment and that, in addition to the social and ecological aspect, also take economic aspects into account. All this to prevent overfishing and ensure healthy oceans.

What is ASC?

ASC (recognizable by the green label) stands for Aquaculture Stewardship Council. ASC is an independent international non-profit organization that manages and further develops a responsible fish farming certification program.

The organization was founded in 2009 by WWF and the Sustainable Trade Initiative. Fish with the ASC label comes from farms that have demonstrated a good relationship with nature and follow guidelines regarding social conditions for workers and local communities. By choosing fish with the ASC quality mark, you can be sure that you are buying responsibly farmed fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Chain of Custody

Before a fish ends up with the end consumer, it can be traded and processed several times. That is why it is extremely important to know exactly where the fish (products) are located during this process. To this end, MSC has drawn up a traceability standard (Chain of Custody Standard). Companies can obtain a Chain of Custody certificate for this standard, which demonstrates that the fish (products) sold contribute to sustainable fishing.

Group Certification

Each company can join a group certificate on an individual basis. Our group manager will first come by for a first visit:

You will receive the necessary explanation about the Chain of Custody rules and the desired system (IP, SG or MB), always tailored to your company.

Together we define the business procedure for MSC products for your company.

We give you extra information about the Trademark and label.

Your company will receive a personalized manual with all documents and its own procedure. You will also receive a unique Chain of Custody number (the group number followed by a subcode).

Benefits of Group Certification

  • Quick and easy certification.
  • Minimal administration.
  • Guidance from A to Z by an experienced group manager.
  • No need for prior inspection by a certification body.
  • No membership fees.

The group manager is a member of MSC or ASC on behalf of the participating companies.

Thanks to  group certification, your company makes a profitable contribution to sustainable fishing.

Discover group certification for your company.

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