The palm oil supply chain, from the tropics to its use as an ingredient in retail products all over the world, is highly complex. To ensure the credibility of the sustainability claim at the end of the supply chain, all organizations that take legal ownership of and physically handle RSPO-certified sustainable oil palm products must be supply chain-certified. The RSPO Supply Chain Certification and the RSPO Principles and Criteria Certification ensure transparency and credibility.

Why RSPO Group Certification?

Many of the organizations required to be certified use relatively small amounts of palm oil products. For these organizations, attaining RSPO certification can be a major burden. To ease this burden, RSPO decided to create the possibility for those organizations to join a group certificate.

With the RSPO Group Certification, small users – defined as those that use up to 500 MT of palm oil per year – can become certified at a lower cost, since the costs are shared among the Group Members. In other words, a Group Member does not need to become an individual RSPO member, and in comparison to an (individual) RSPO Corporate Certification, the overall costs are substantially lower.

Another benefit, lowering the certification threshold, is the fact that all palm oil consultancy services are included in the annual group membership fee. This way you can keep all on-going certification-related efforts streamlined to an absolute minimum. All documentation is kept up-to-date and relevant opportunities and challenges will be communicated and handled by the Group Manager.

Participation criteria for RSPO Group Certification

Participation in a Group Certificate is open to all organizations:

  • that can be classified as legitimate, registered and legal palm supply chain entities and
  • that use palm oil products in quantities up to 500 Metric Tonnes (MT) per year. To be clear, this maximum quantity of palm oil products includes all palm oil inputs used within the organization, not solely the inputs used in RSPO products!

Group certification is a not restricted to a single country and can be performed across borders. Also important to know is that although the RSPO Supply Chain Certification Standard mentions that group membership is limited to organizations that employ a maximum of 100 full-time employees, the RSPO T&T SC recently decided that this limit no longer applies.

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What is RSPO Group Certification

An RSPO Group Certificate is an RSPO supply chain certification that is shared by several independent member companies or entities. Under the supervision of a Group Manager, members actively participate in the RSPO supply chain. The Group Manager is responsible for supervising and checking all participants in the Group Certification. Therefore, all group members will be audited annually by the Group Manager.

On behalf of the RSPO, the Group Certification process is supervised by an RSPO-accredited Certification Body. This body annually monitors the Group Manager and a selection of the group members. Throughout the certification process, all members will be audited by this authority at least once.

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