It has been a long process to get done but it is finally here! This last couple of years have been challenging for most of us: working from home or in really controlled environments, without almost any human contact, the fear of all these new covid variants appearing every week and extensions of lockdowns. It has been hard on all of us but, hopefully, we are at the end of this road. 

In this crazy environment we have been working hard and it seems we can finally show the results. Our certificate has been renovated: we passed our annual audit with flying colours and our website has finally launched! 

But that is not all of it, far from it!

We have expanded our services in the search of making sustainable business an affordable reality. We are very proud to present our MSC / ASC group certificate. If you want to certify the fish and seafood that you use in your products and need a reliable company that helps you obtain and hold this supply chain system, then we are the perfect match to make your company sustainable and engaged with the ecology and economy of our world.

On our website you will find information about all our services and clear explanations about how to get the certified, what is it a group certificate for RSPO or MSC / ASC, what do you need to become a member of our group certificates… If you need any kind of information or a quotation, you can always send us a message via de contact form, we will be very happy to help you further with your sustainability project. If you already have an RSPO certificate with us and would like to also have the MSC / ASC label, we have special prices for the double certification.

Besides these two certificates we continue with the EUTR due diligence. The European Timber Regulation and the UK Timber Regulations aim to stop the trade of illegal timber in the EU and the UK. Our Team specialises in developing and drafting risk assessments and helping you set up or review your Due Diligence System or your risk analyses. We have already helped numerous companies and collaborated with the competent authorities. If you need support and are searching on how to set up a Due Diligence System and how to make a risk assessment in EUTR, let us know and we will help you.

We will try to keep you posted on all the latest news and changes in all our certificates, so you are up to date on all that is happening in this rapid changing world, where the need for sustainability is only going to increase.

Check our website regularly to be informed of all the changes and news.

Certain Team.